الثلاثاء، 18 أكتوبر 2016

overview of the business plan

why should you got to the trouble of creating a written business plan? 

there are three major reasons 1. the process of putting a business plan together,

including the thought you put in before beginning to write, it forces you to take an 

objective, critical unemotional look at your business project in its entirety
 the finished product your business plan is an operating tool which ,if proprly used, 
will help you manage your business and work effectively toward its success 3.
 the completed business plan communicates your ideas to other and provides
 the basis for your financing proposal. the importance of 
planning cannot be overemphasized. by taking an objective look at your business
 you can identify areas of weakness and strength, pinpoint needs you might otherwise
 overlook, spot opportunities early, and begin planning how you can best achieve your
 business goals. your business plan also helps you see problems before they grow large
 and helps you identify their sources thus suggesting ways to solve them.
 your business
 plan will even help you avoid some problems altogether. part one of this handboo
k has been designed with these consideration in mind. but you must do the work.
 a professionally prepared business plan won't do you any good if you don't
 thoroughly understand it.

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